Monday, 26 August 2013

Saffron Biscuits or Osmania Biscuits

Saffron Biscuits or Osmania Biscuits

Osmania biscuits are very famous in a place called Hyderabad in India.They are served with Irani chai(tea).I had heard a lot about it from my husband and brother.My brother recently visited Hyderabad and liked these biscuits very much and kept talking abouth them for couple of days, which made me try one day as I badly wanted to taste them.It turned out be the best biscuits I ever made.
1.Butter - 120 gram
2.Powdered Sugar - 80gram( as I didnot have powdered sugar I ground sugar+1 tea spoon corn flour in a mixer)
3.Milk - 20ml
4.All purpose flour - 200 gram
5.Custard powder - 10gram
6.Milk powder - 10 gram
7.Cardamom - a pinch
8.Baking powder - 1/4 tea spoon.


1. keep the butter outside in a room temperature for 1 hour        2. Mix the butter +  powdered sugar with  
and mix it with powdered sugar untill it becomes smooth.             All purpose flour untill it forms a short                                                                                                      crust as shown in the pic.

3.Roll it on a flat surface by dusting with flour on the surface.           4. Cut them into desired shape using                                                                                                          cookie cutter or lid of any bottle.

5. Bake them at 180 deg centigrade for 15 mins( but keep an eye as every oven is different).

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